We collaborate with visionary clients and teams to co-create immersive future-focused landscapes that will adapt to social, economic and environmental transformation.  Capitalizing on creative alliances between fields, we operate comfortably within a shifting set of disciplinary boundaries. 



Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
BARR Engineering
Chisato Minamimura - Choreographer / Dance artist / BSL art guide
City of Norman
Dakota County
DLR Group
D.I.R.T. Studio
Envirotech Construction
Hennepin County Penn Avenue Community Works
Jim Roe - Interpretive Planning
Juxtaposition Arts
Koning Eizenburg Architects
Landscape Renovations
Lincoln Playground Leadership Team
MASS Design Group
Metropolitan Design Center
Minnesota Historical Society
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
Mona Smith - Multimedia Artist
MSR Architects
Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Rondo Avenue Inc.
Sarah Pickthall
Sissel Tolaas
Small Stuff
Snow Kreilich Architects
Terra Firma
TLS Landscape Architecture
Wendy Jacob
West Broadway Business and Area Coalition