TEN x TEN is a landscape architecture and urban design practice grounded by a shared curiosity and passion for experimentation and agency. We collaborate with visionary clients and teams to co-create immersive future-focused landscapes that will adapt to social, economic and environmental transformation.  Capitalizing on creative alliances between fields, we operate comfortably within a shifting set of disciplinary boundaries.  TEN x TEN designs for resilience and flexibility, monitoring what makes places thrive, adapt and be loved long after they are built.

Our practice explores spaces, materials, and ecologies at all scales.  With extensive experience working across the disciplines of architecture, landscape and art, our work pays careful attention to craft, beauty and the various levels of temporality inherent in any landscape.  Our approach elevates the everyday human experience through a deep respect for the authenticity of people, culture and ecology.

Our methodology is rooted in transdisciplinary approaches to working, making and organizing. We create strong relationships with our clients and collaborators through listening, communication and trust, and cultivate a design process full of community and laughter.